Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

We don’t really do much on Mother’s Day. I do love the idea of having a day where you are meant to be pampered but that isn’t our reality. Mother’s Day is also very close to my birthday, sometimes on the same day, so I would rather have a birthday treat than a Mother’s Day treat.

Ethan also isn’t aware of Mother’s Day and Little E is too young, so there is no need to put unrealistic pressures on the day. In reality this year Darren was ill with a chest infection and spent the day in bed whist I looked after the children all day on my own. Thankfully it was a good day, there were no meltdowns and the children ‘played’ really well together all day.

For me there was two highlights of my day. Ethan brought home handmade gifts from school. A handmade card and a handmade flower photo-frame. I was only hoping for a card from school so the gift was an amazing surprise.

The next surprise was that Ethan wished me a ‘Happy Birthday’ when I opened the card that Darren had brought me from the children. I know he got the wrong celebration but the fact that he put two and two together is amazing, I’ll take ‘Happy Birthday’ any day.

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