Happy Birthday Little E

Dear Little E,

Happy birthday my baby girl, today you turned two. How did that happen so quickly? My baby is now a full-blown little girl.


Your arrival two years ago was definitely one to remember. You arrived three weeks earlier than expected and due to a sickness bug nanny was the one with me to welcome you into the world. I still couldn’t believe we were being blessed with a little girl. Even when they had the little pink knitted hat ready for your delivery, I was telling them the scans could be wrong.

We had the first twenty-four hours together alone and I remember just looking at you, amazed at how you were your bothers double but constantly reminding myself that there was a little girl in the bundle.

These past two years have been filled with taking you to Sing and Sign, Baby Ballet and our mother and baby swimming lessons. Daddy has also been able to go to these things with you due to his shift work. Things will be changing for you now though as you will be spending more days at nursery from September. I feel you are ready for this change and I really hope it all goes well.

You are really stating to communicate with us more and I looking forward to this developing more so that we can have conversations. I’m looking forward to seeing what this next year brings for you and for us. Your arrival made us a four and completed our family.

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