Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015, Happy New Year!

It feels like a lifetime ago that we welcomed in 2014, what a difference a year has made to our lives. So much has happened to us over a short space of time, and at times it has felt like we have been riding a roller coaster of emotions.

This time last year I wasn’t even 12 weeks pregnant but I was very ill, if I was lucky there was about an hour in the day that I felt OK. We had no idea what School Ethan would be attending but his statement battle was well and truly underway.

This time last year Ethan gave us the gift of a new word, ‘Hello’, and we prayed it would stick. I’m pleased to report Hello is still around and we even get ‘Hello Everybody’ if he is in a good mood.

2014 was a very scary prospect for me. There were so many what-ifs to me being pregnant. How would Ethan react? Would it be the right thing to do? Would we be able to cope? There are still unanswered questions but welcoming Little E into our family was easily our highlight of 2014.


Overnight my little boy grew up, he became a big brother.


For me it was a hard thing to see as it highlighted Ethan’s delays even more than I thought it would. On a positive note Little E’s arrival also pushed Ethan more than we could have ever dreamed and we can only hope that she is the perfect teacher for him.


Due to being so ill 2014 meant our adventures had to be close to home but I think Ethan still had fun. I’m hoping that now I’m starting to feel better 2015 will bring with it some great adventures as a family of four.


The amazing news was that Darren got a local job which brings so many positive changes to our family. I think our car was also happy about the change as it is getting a well deserved rest with a shorter commute.

So I’m looking forward to 2015 and the changes it will bring. Ethan will be starting school, hopefully a place that will discover his potential and open up the world for him. We will have more family time together and hopefully some great escapades. I’m also excited to see Little E grow into a little girl and see how her relationship develops with Ethan.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2015!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Congratulations on your new web address and Happy New Year! It is lovely to see two siblings growing close to each other isn’t it? We are in the same situation. All the best for 2015.x

  2. It’s a shame that your year was blighted by sickness but at least you now have a beautiful little girl to show for it and can have a whole 2015 as a wonderful family of four! Happy new year lovely x

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