Hello My Friend Hello! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

On New Years Eve Ethan decided to introduce a new word. 

He said “Hello” to my sister-in-law, not only once but three or four times and in the right context. 

In true Ethan fashion this word is very few and far between and on his terms, and my mum has tried to get Ethan to say ‘Hello’ again. This was achieved as Ethan has started saying Hello and waving to his Fisher Price Puppy App on the iPad. 

It’s so sweet hearing him say it, it sounds a bit like Yellow but we know he is saying Hello. 

Lets hope his new words continue in 2014!

7 thoughts on “Hello My Friend Hello! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. That’s great Jane! I am so happy for you that he has a new word, and is showing such an improvement with his speech! Hopefully 2014 will bring many many new words with it 🙂 xx

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