HobbyCraft Junior Painting Sponge Set Product Review

We were asked if we would like to review an item from HobbyCraft so I selected the Junior Painting Sponge Set for us to try. I wanted to try something that we hadn’t done before and that I knew would be easy for Ethan to do. We had tried painting in the summer and I knew that Ethan would hate getting his hands dirty but I wanted to push his sensory issues a little bit.  
HobbyCraft Junior Painting Sponge Set
I set up this activity by letting Ethan look at the sponges before bringing out any paint. He happily picked up the sponges and examined them.



I started with the blue paint showing Ethan how to put a sponge in the paint and then press it onto the paper. Ethan quickly picked up the sponge and copied me. He quickly tried out all of the different sponges and I added more paint to our activity. I named each shape as Ethan selected a new sponge.  








Ethan created quite a few masterpieces but he didn’t like getting his hands dirty. 


Our Verdict: There are eight sponges supplied in the packet, all different shapes and the perfect size for little hands. This made them very easy to use and I was able to tell Ethan the names of the different shapes as he used them. 
Although Ethan got his hands dirty I think the sponges are deep enough that if held correctly you could keep your hands clean from paint. The sponges washed out easily and are ready to be used again for our next painting afternoon. I would recommend this set for your budding artists. 
You can view HobbyCraft’s full range of creative Christmas fun HERE.


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