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How to Furnish and Decorate Your Garden With Style

Furnishing your garden is one of the most exciting home improvement projects. Like decorating the rest of your household, it allows you to highlight your imaginative side and add your flair to the place. Best of all, it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket or take forever to complete. Even the tiniest modifications can make a world of difference.

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In this entry, we’ll give you an in-depth guide on furnishing and decorating your garden. Regardless of the size, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this mission.

Select Colorful Furniture

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Making the most of your outdoor space is hard without proper furniture. It’s often a vital starting point when furnishing a garden.

There are numerous options available, so choose a comfortable set that matches the rest of the yard. For instance, bright bistro sets are highly versatile and work everywhere, from spacious patios to tiny balcony gardens.

If you already have furniture for your garden, you can jazz it up with some paint. Just be sure to use a coat that can withstand the elements.

Combine Rustic and Contemporary Elements

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A perfect garden isn’t necessarily one with all surfaces scrubbed and every crack filled. Some areas look amazing if you can highlight the rustic elements.

You can also imbue the garden with modern elements to contrast the rusticity. For example, rural-style stones normally jive with lively fabrics. The contemporary touch breathes new life into the area and makes it more vivid.

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Another modern item that can fit into traditional gardens is Floately’s AIRSAI. This Floating Plant Pot provides your flowers with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, enabling them to grow healthy and straight. It also looks tranquil and contributes to a pleasant ambience in your yard. Designed to stabilize emotions and ease anxiety, AIRSAI is a must-have for any homeowner setting up a peaceful atmosphere.

Search for Inspiration in the Living Room

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When it comes to interior design, most people try to bring the exterior indoors. But you can do it the other way around when furnishing your garden.

As you’re likely to spend a lot of time in your garden, the area should be as cosy as possible. Set up your outdoor living room and select a seating arrangement that matches the interior.

In addition, add some comfortable blankets and a few glasses of wine for a relaxing view.

Mix Colors With Ceramics

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Besides being a reliable solution for the kitchen and bathroom, ceramics also works great for garden decorations. It allows you to accentuate various colours, such as teal or beige. Fill some ceramic pots with foliage to make your plants stand out.

Mimic Nature With Furniture

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Here’s another idea for your furniture – swap the traditional out for the more organic pieces. The place will become one with nature.

You can test different styles and textures. One of the most fascinating options is to include wooden chairs carved to mimic nearby tree branches. They’ll blend in with the surroundings and resemble a tropical paradise.

Introduce Garden Scents

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Having an enchanting garden doesn’t only come down to visuals – the scents can play a pivotal role, too. Place them in strategic positions throughout the plot. This includes architectural containers in your fountain and entryway urns. Some of the fragrances you can introduce are honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon blossoms, and cereus.

Turn the Shed Into a Summer House

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If you have any outhouses in your garden (such as sheds), treat them the same as your house and the rest of your garden. Declutter, clean up the mess and paint the building to get a pleasant space you’ll admire every day.

If there’s enough space after spring cleaning, consider upgrading the shed to a makeshift summer house. Add chairs, tables, machine-washable curtains, and French windows for a gorgeous post-gardening retreat.

Bring a Firepit

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Evenings in your garden are special, but a firepit can make them even more memorable. Glimmering flames are a spellbinding sight for anyone, and a conveniently placed firepit can keep you toasty even after the sun goes down. Roast some marshmallows and you’ll wish to spend an eternity in your garden.

Light It Up

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Another great way to transform your garden is to add lighting. You can consider a huge number of ideas, such as ground-level up-lighters and wall-mounted lamps. Don’t forget to light up the underside of tree canopies to create a defined area within your garden.

To add some magic, hang solar-powered bulbs on a fence or tree. Best of all, they don’t need electric sockets, meaning they won’t intrude into other elements.

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Small spotlights in plant pots or between trees also deliver a focal point. Illuminated containers (e.g., battery-operated LED pots) complement modern schemes nicely.

You can light up the walls, too, with the washing technique. It involves placing lights at the top or bottom of your wall so that the beam grazes the surface. Like with other components, choose appropriate textures, colours, and create patterns of brighter and darker sections.

Lighting can also come in the form of accessories. VOLTA, a mesmerizing piece by Floately, is a Levitating Light Bulb that levitates gracefully using induction technology. The shatterproof product casts a soothing light and is 10 times stronger than standard models. It also features energy-efficient LEDs to prevent your electricity bills from skyrocketing.

Add Softness

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Elegant or quaint furniture is great for looks, but you also want it to be comfortable. To achieve this, add some patterns with stylish cushions. Scatter and floor cushions, as well as outdoor rugs, can take the edge off harsh benches, chairs, and the ground. Also, stick to weatherproof, washable designs to ensure the cushions look fantastic for longer.

Dress Up the Entrances

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Even for miniature gardens, sequences of intimate spaces linked by passageways add a sense of expansiveness and mystery to your strolls. To upgrade bland entrances, mount iron gates or arches and cover them with vines to mark the transition to a different area. Moreover, add palms, finials, and citrus trees to further accentuate entryways.

Paint Fences and Walls

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The transforming power of paint doesn’t only apply to the bedroom or living room – it also extends to your garden. Traditional garden walls are rarely painted, but fun and fresh hues can make them look dazzling.

Fencing can also benefit from a fresh coat, whether you wish to refresh the current colour or experiment with new nuances. Classic green and duck-egg blue are excellent choices for the picket fence. Other colours are also viable, such as wood stain, black, and white.

Stir Emotions With Lanterns

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Although candles create a romantic atmosphere, they don’t mesh with high winds in your garden. Hurricane lanterns are a much better choice since they won’t be disturbed by this element. They glow beautifully around hard surfaces and add old-world charm. Even in the daytime, these lanterns convey a warm and intriguing feeling.

Take Your Garden to the Next Level

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Even if left alone, your garden can dramatically increase the property’s curb appeal. But now you know how to make it even more appealing.

You don’t need to implement all furnishing and decoration ideas listed above. Pick those that showcase your household in the best light and match the rest of the area. We’ve mentioned two of their most popular products, VOLTA and AIRSAI, but the collection includes many more unique accessories. Browse the site for an array of charming items for your garden. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out Floately’s website:

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