Inventions Brunch at Disneyland Paris

Inventions Brunch at Disneyland Paris

For us, a Disney holiday is not only about the parks, the rides, and the characters it is also about the food. With a Walt Disney World holiday, you have to start thinking about your Disney restaurant choices 180 days in advance. With a Disneyland Paris holiday*, the meals don’t need to be planned that far in advance. The dining plan* is now proving very popular and the restaurants book up quickly when reservations open at 60 days. The Inventions restaurant has always come highly recommended as a character meal for lunch or dinner. But they offer an extra special character experience* on Sundays, the Inventions Brunch.

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Inventions Brunch at Disneyland Paris

What Makes The Inventions Brunch Different?

During the daily lunch and dinner at the Inventions restaurant, you will find the normal host of Disney characters. We have met Mickey and Minnie Mouse there. As well as Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy in their classic costumes. If you are lucky there will sometimes be the rarer characters there.

inventions sign disneyland hotel disneyland paris

Every Sunday brunch at Inventions is themed. It is rare that you will be able to find out the themes in advance but by booking the Inventions Sunday brunch you know you will meet very rare characters or characters in special themed outfits.

Our Inventions Brunch Experience

Our Sunday brunch at Inventions was booked during our February half term visit to Disneyland Paris. Sunday was our last day, in the past, we have arrived on Sundays. Our Eurostar home wasn’t leaving until the early evening which gave us the chance to finally experience the Sunday brunch before we left.

inventions sunday brunch sign disneyland hotel disneyland paris

As it was the week of the Chinese New Year that was the theme for our meal. Inventions don’t offer a normal buffet under any circumstances. The food is of very high quality and also gives you the normal child-friendly options. We also had Chinese food options to choose from too. I was in my element!

To complement the Chinese New Year theme we were able to meet characters from the film Mulan. We met Mulan and Mushu, characters that I have never seen in any of the Disney parks we have visited.

mulan ethan little e inventions sunday brunch disneyland hotel disneyland paris
mushu chinese new year disneyland paris inventions sunday brunch

As well as Mulan and Mushu, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy were in costumes to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They looked amazing in traditional Chinese dress.

minnie mouse chinese new year disneyland paris inventions sunday brunch
mickey mouse chinese new year disneyland paris inventions sunday brunch
ethan little e goofy chinese new year inventions sunday brunch disneyland hotel disneyland paris

As if five characters weren’t enough, I would say meeting five would be the typical amount of characters to meet at a character meal. We also got the chance to meet Pluto, Dale, Daisy and Donald Duck.

pluto ethan little e
donald duck ethan little e
daisy duck ethan little e
dale ethan little e

I had been advised by others that the brunch lasts for two hours and we were there for the full two hours. Once you are assigned your table that is your table for the whole time. There is no rush for you to get out for the next people. So my advice would be to book the earliest available time for the brunch and use that time to your advantage.

The characters took their time with the children and they didn’t feel rushed or limited to time.

You can watch the video of our Sunday brunch experience below.

The Food

The food was amazing, I loved the Chinese touches and we were able to easily find food for our very fussy eaters. There was one point when the buffet got very busy but there was more than enough food for everyone. The great selection of desserts went down very well too.

The brunch is more expensive than lunch or dinner at Inventions. I also don’t think that you can book this meal and use your dining plan credits as payment. The Sunday brunch must be booked in advance over the phone. We didn’t have a dining plan during this stay at Disneyland Paris but we were more than happy to pay to experience the Sunday brunch. If we ever get the chance we would book Sunday brunch again.

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