Little E – 19 Months Old

Dear Little E,

I’m a little late with this update as yesterday you were 19 months old.


It has been a rough month as not only have you been teething, four of your bottom teeth are coming through, but you also had Hand, Foot and Mouth. It’s a viral infection that we all got in some form but you had the rash. Unfortunately I think some of the rash has left scars, I’m hoping they will clear up as you get older.


In the midst of this illness I feel like your speech has come on this month. Added to bubbles there is definitely star, fish, banana (but the baby version nana), bye, trees, moon, mummy, daddy, night night and even ‘Ready, Steady, GO!’ You are even pushing your train around saying ‘Choo, Choo’.

I’m pleased to say all of these words are in context, you do get mummy and daddy mixed up a bit and your illness proved to me that you knew I was mummy as that’s all I heard as you followed me around. I think ‘nana’ is also a way of telling us you want something to eat as you say it quite a lot. I’m sure twenty banana’s a day would be too much, but you have said this when you have seen pictures of banana’s too. Perhaps a word for hungry would be a better one to learn.


You are getting quite cheeky, you love looking at yourself on my phone. You pull faces for a selfie, and even chat to the little girl looking back at you on the phone. You also have a great false chuckle that I’m sure you do to entertain us.


This month we have had some battles at dinner time. You haven’t wanted to sit in your high chair and have wanted to eat your dinner whilst sitting on my lap. We worked out that it’s because you wanted to be sitting closer to the table with us. We have taken the table top off of the high chair now and it has made you a lot happier at meal times.


You have moved up a class in Baby Ballet. It’s a more structured class and I was worried how you would handle it as you do like to walk around. We had our third class today and even though you did do a little bit of running around you have been doing really well. You even went up on your own to collect a certificate today and put away Twinkle Teddy without my help.

You aren’t really a morning person and Ethan can make you cry if he is excited in the mornings, this is nearly everyday! You are also both learning to share with each other at the moment and there has been a few upsets. You would love to get your hands on Ethan’s iPad, and you do if he leaves it unattended. Thankfully you know it is his and give it back without a fight. Even though you are learning to live with each others quirks at the moment, you do still have an amazing bond. This photo I took of you both this week melts my heart and sums up your relationship quite well.


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  1. I think ‘nana’ is a lovely word for I am hungry, our youngest is almost 17 and hubby and I use quite a few of their ‘baby’ words in conversation, they’ve become family words that all the boys use, our favourites ‘can you do my shoes undone’ and ‘puter’

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