Little E – 21 Months Old

Dear Little E,

yesterday you turned 21 months old. I really wish time would slow down a little bit as I’m already starting to think about your second birthday and what gifts you might like. It really is coming around too soon.


I have really noticed a big change in you over the past few weeks your personality is shining through more and more.


You are starting to pull more and more cheeky faces and you have been screaming in excitement. Well you scream to tell us when you aren’t happy with us but the excited screaming it so good to see.

You are being more forceful to show us what you want. You have been leading us by the hand for a little while but now we are being pulled around whilst you desperately show us your wants and needs.

You are also getting so affectionate, you are a true daddy’s girl and will always give him a cuddle when he comes home from work. Your cuddles are getting more and more random through the day and tonight I’m sure you even went to kiss me. I kiss you all the time and until now you have only blown us kisses but I’m sure you planted a kiss on my cheek.

This month you have been vocalising ‘Three little monkeys jumping on the bed’ with your brother. You also like to act the song out, this can be done with toys or even with you jumping on the sofa with your brother. I have to stop the sofa jumping as you do get a little too excited.


There have also been lots of new words. You can now say ‘Breakfast’, ‘Yogurt’, ‘Car’, ‘Carrot Bar’, ‘Cat’, ‘Peppa’ and ‘George’. I’m sure there are a few more. You will also try to copy things we say and always things your brother says. You repeated ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘Grandads Bed’ after he said it.

It was the Easter holidays this past month and as much as you enjoy the extra time with your brother there are days when he can get a bit too much for you. We have to remind him that you are still a baby. He did have a respite day and we took you shopping and out for lunch. We had a lovely day and you really enjoyed yourself.


You are also dropping your afternoon nap which means we are getting more chances to explore with you. You like these adventures and can’t wait to get out of the house when your shoes go on.

Project3665 Project3661 Project36612

You start nursery this week and I’m a little sad that I will be losing some of our alone time with you but I know you are ready to go and mix with your peers. I really think it will be the making of you and we still have our Sing and Sign, Baby Ballet and swimming lessons to look forward to.

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