Little E – 8 Weeks Old

Dear Little E, 

Your 8 weeks old and yes the time has flown! 

This month when the health visitor visited us you had put on two pounds, taking you up to ten pounds. You are still feeding every two hours and are slowly increasing your milk intake to three ounces for each feed. We had to change your formula to hungry baby milk as you really wasn’t satisfied on Monday. Changing the milk has made you happier.      

We had to embrace the dummy this month as much as I wanted to avoid it, but you don’t really like it so it will only soothe you every now and then. I hope this continues as I would hate for you to be dependant on a dummy. 

When you sleep you really look like your brother…

…you sometimes even sleep in the same position as he did.
I am fully embracing PINK and will do so until your teenage years when you decide to go through your goth phase, your cousin will be able to tell you all about this! 
Your brother still totally adores you and will always check on you if you are crying. I’m surprised how he can ‘cuddle’ you when you are sound asleep and it doesn’t make you flinch but your dad coughing in another room will wake you up from a deep sleep!



The best thing about this month is you are getting expressions and you are smiling at us. They are still rare and you do make us work for them but it’s lovely to see you smiling when you see us walk into a room. 



Looking forward to seeing what changes the next month brings for you. 

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