Little E – 9 Months Old

Dear Little E,

Today you are nine months old, it won’t be long and we will be thinking about your 1st birthday!

There is going to be a big change this month as your brother is going to be starting school. I know you will miss having him around as you adore him but it also means we will have some quality time together. I have booked swimming lessons and Baby Sing and Sign for us to do together.


You really are on the move now! You have mastered going forwards and are practicing being on your hands and knees more and more. You are becoming very quick at getting where you want to go.


You have been clapping for a while now but I have never mentioned it before as I didn’t think you knew what it was you were doing. You now clap along with people on the TV, I’m not sure Ed Miliband was the perfect choice, but still watched amazed when we clap back at you.


After mastering finger foods last month you have decided that you don’t want to put anything in your mouth. We think this might be because you are teething as you won’t stop sucking on your fingers and today you are full of cold. Perhaps you have just decided you don’t like our finger food choices!


You have also started to giggle at us, something that was just saved for your brother, it’s lovely to hear. If you are in the mood I can even make you laugh by tickling your tummy.


This month we ventured into London for a family day out. You didn’t really like the overground train but it was a very old one and very noisy. You made friends on the underground and ended up stealing a copy of the Metro from one lady.

We ate in the Disney Cafe in Harrods and you loved every minute of being there.


It was also Easter this month, you were too young to enjoy the chocolate but I could resist getting you some bunny years. I’m sure you will thank me for this picture when you are older!


2 thoughts on “Little E – 9 Months Old”

  1. Little E sure is doing great! I love your comment about her clapping for Ed Miliband. I am also glad that, with Ethan in school, the two of you will have some good time together.

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