Little E’s First Sports Day

Yesterday Little E took part in her very first sports day. For me it was nice to attend an event where I didn’t have to worry or stress about how it would go or the extra support that might be needed. It wasn’t a day that Little E would normally be at nursery but she was still invited to attend.

Little E’s sports day was made up of different short races. There was a running race, a race where you had to put a sports cone on your head like a hat and a race with hurdles. There was also a race with bean bag throwing and one where the children had to run backwards. I was able to tell Little E to line up whilst I waited at the finish line cheering her on as she ran. Being the runner that she is she loved every minute. She also loved the freedom of being at the field but come back to me as soon as I called out to her to return.

Little E's first sports day

After the races we had a picnic lunch to enjoy. Little E was still too busy enjoying her freedom to want to sit down to eat. She also liked saying hello to all the dogs she could spot. We had a lovely afternoon and I really enjoyed Little E’s first sports day.

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