Little E’s First Walk Along The Beach

We were really let down during the summer holidays with the weather. This meant that most, if not all of my planned days and walks along the beach didn’t really happen. It can also be quite overwhelming having to keep both Ethan and Little E safe in busy areas, meaning we were very restricted in the summer and Little E stayed in her buggy whilst out and about.

I promised myself, with Ethan back at school, we would get Little E out of her buggy more giving her the chance to walk. Yesterday we took full advantage of the sunny weather and made our way to Clacton Sea front.


At the beginning of the month Little E did have her official First Walk Outside with her reins and that was easier as she was happy to follow Ethan.

This time little miss independent didn’t want to, and wouldn’t hold our hands.  This made it hard to get her to go in the correct direction but we slowly go there in the end.

BeachWalkClacton1 BeachWalkClacton2 BeachWalkClacton3 BeachWalkClacton4 BeachWalkClacton5 BeachWalkClacton6 BeachWalkClacton7 BeachWalkClacton8 BeachWalkClacton9

Little E is definitely making us more aware that she wants to walk more than be in her buggy. Hopefully we can work on her walking outside more before the half term holiday so that she is ready for some days out with Ethan.

13 thoughts on “Little E’s First Walk Along The Beach”

  1. Oh I remember the first walks outside, where they’re going in every direction but the one you want them to go in! It’s also more difficult with the second child, I found, because there isn’t as much time (or patience from the sibling!) to allow the little one to indulge in their whims of stopping every other step or travelling in the wrong direction!
    It’s lovely that you have some time alone with her during the day, that’s helpful!
    She looks steady on her feet and rearing to go – I think you’ll be busy this half term!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      This half term is going to be manic. She wants to walk so much now and it is a juggle making sure they are both OK x

  2. She has a very determined little look so I imagine more walking won’t be a problem-it might be the ‘wanting to do it all on my own’ that will be more of the issue! Lovely photo’s x

  3. It’s great that Little E’s become more confident on her feet, she looks like she’s having a fabulous time exploring the beach on her own two feet. I bet it will be fab when you can all go out as a family to explore beaches and woods. I bet this was an emotional moment watching Little E walking on the beach for the first time. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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