Lollipets REVIEW – Cute Interactive Pets

Little E loves small toys that she can carry around. She also loves animals, cats being her favourite. When I saw Lollipets at this year’s Toy Fair I knew Little E would love them. I’m so happy that Spin Master asked us to review the first Lollipets range.

Lollipets REVIEW Cute Interactive Pets

Lollipets Interactive Pets

Lollipets are collectible interactive pets that really move. The all come with a unique sugary treat which you can use to make them move. Holding their treat above them will make them hop. Holding their treat behind them will make them sprint. Holing their treat beside them will make them dodge. If you have two Lollipets face them towards each other and they will kiss! There are 20 cute pets to collect.

lollipets interactive pets

Lollipets Single Pack

Lollipets are available in single packs. Each single packs contains one pet and one sugary treat. The pet contained inside is a surprise. Inside there is also a sticker and a map about the pet you will reveal.

lollipets single pack sprinkles

Lollipets 2 Pack Assortment

Lollipets are also available in 2 Pack Assortments. Each pack contains two pets and two sugary treats. One pet contained inside is a surprise, the other pet you can see through the packaging window. Inside there are also stickers and maps about the pets you find inside.

lollipets interactive pets 2 pack assortment

In the Lollipets range, there are four groups of pets to collect. Each group contains five pets that live in different areas. These areas are Cake Pop Coast, Lollipop Lake, Marshmallow Meadows, and the rare pets live in Cotton Candy Canyon. Who will you find inside your packs?

What Did Little E Love About The Lollipets?

As I suspected Little E loved everything about these little pets. As I had already opened the single pack Little E opened the double pack. Little E discovered Smushy and Slick inside her pack.

lollipets interactive pets little e smushy slick

Her pets weren’t rare characters but she was very happy with who she found inside. She loved the sugary treats and quickly got the hang of how they moved around and the control she had of them.

lollipets interactive pets smushy
lollipets interactive pets slick

Little E wasn’t very impressed that they kiss!

lollipets interactive pets kissing smushy slick

The below video shows us unboxing and playing with the Lollipets 2 Pack.

What Did I Love About The Lollipets?

I think these are a really sweet collectible range. With only 20 in the collection you could grow a nice little collection without it costing a fortune. They are also nice to give as gifts which will help with collection growing.

I think the double packs are more cost effective and it is nicer to have two pets to play with at the same time. I’m sure Little E will ask for more of these in the future.

Please note that the Lollipets require 1 x LR44 batteries each. They are included.
DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Lollipets for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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