Making PECS – Ethan’s First Set

The first thing I did when I become a stay at home mum in April was to treat myself to something very special! 


That something special was my very own printer and laminator, not a very glamorous gift but something that will be used quite regularly now in our house. My first job was to make Ethan PECS to use for his introduction into the communication system.

I started by creating artwork on my computer for BUBBLES and CHOCOLATE, also a blank PECS card. I printed them onto white card.

Making PECS
I trimmed the cards to my desired size…


Making PECS
…and placed them in the laminating pouch…
Making PECS
…ready to be laminated.
Making PECS
With the lamination complete…
Making PECS
…I trimmed the cards again, making sure I rounded off the corners as they can be quite sharp.


Making PECS
With the cards made we were all set to start Ethan’s PECS training, you can see how he got on HERE.

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