Making Reindeer Food

How does Father Christmas know how to find your house on Christmas Eve?

You sprinkle reindeer food with magic dust that glimmers in the moonlight, it helps light the way.

So on Christmas Eve I prepared the reindeer food with Ethan. Ralph our Elf had sent us some special magic dust from the North Pole.


We used some of Daddy’s porridge oats and sprinkled in the magic dust.


It was time to mix the reindeer food and the magic dust together. At this point Ethan, the boy who constantly battles us with food, decided he wanted to try the reindeer food. Thankfully I stopped him just in time. Perhaps next year Ralph could send us some edible magic dust!

I showed Ethan how to mix the food with his hands, which I didn’t think he would want to do but he got stuck in.


With the magic dust well and truly mixed in, most of it ending up over Ethan, it was time to sprinkle the reindeer food in the garden.


And with that we waited for Father Christmas to arrive…

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