Me & Mine August 2016

I can’t believe we are at the end of August, we have nearly made it to the end of the summer holidays. On Monday we will be getting back into our much missed routine. August has been a hard month for us, Ethan’s anxiety about his lack of routine affect us all. I can honestly say the last two weeks of the holiday have been the ones I have enjoyed the most.

The first few weeks of our summer were set up with respite days for Ethan and Little E continued attending her nursery days. It kept us in some kind of routine but Ethan was all over the place. Very unsettled which also meant his sleeping was non-existent. This left two very tired parents trying to keep two children busy.

These past two weeks, the respite has ended and we have been able to fit in some family days. We had an unexpected day at Chessington World of Adventures meaning I also got to visit my brother and his family. We went to see Peppa Pig live, which both children loved and today we spent the day at the seaside in the yellow beach hut that Ethan loves.


Ethan has been telling me that things are fun and it’s so lovely to hear. So after all the ups and downs this summer holiday has brought with it I can honestly say it so so much better than last year.

The mix of the children having time apart, together and with us on their own at different times has really helped. It hasn’t been easy but then I don’t think it will ever be, Ethan is a very busy bee and his little sister is quickly following in his footsteps.

I do feel that our family unit can come with chaos, lots of noise and madness but at least we aren’t boring!

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