Me & Mine June 2015

This month I wanted to take our Me and Mine photos on Sunday. The grandparents were visiting and I hoped they would be able to take a photo of us in the garden. I totally forgot and remembered on Monday morning that we still needed to take our Me and Mine family photos. So I set the camera up in the garden when Ethan got home from school, and we got to use the trusty remote control again.

This was our result. I have no idea what the children where looking at and Ethan didn’t want to smile.


Darren decided that tickles were needed to make Ethan smile.

MeMineJune151 MeMineJune152 MeMineJune153 MeMineJune154 MeMineJune155 MeMineJune156

I also caught some nice photos of me and the children whilst Darren teased them with the hose pipe!

MeMineJune157 MeMineJune158

This month has been a mix of a few busy weekends and some lazy ones due to Darren’s shift pattern. We had a nice day out to see In The Night Garden Live and I even got a weekend break due to attending BritMums Live.

Ethan is finding going to school hard at the moment. I think he is tired, even though he has only been going to school since April, I know he needs the summer holidays. He is happy to go to school until Wednesday’s and then really struggles with going on Thursday’s and Friday’s. I know this is because he only ever used to go to nursery Monday through to Wednesday each week.

He does make me laugh as I do his visual planner with him each morning as he has decided he won’t vocalise the activities for me. He gives me a cheeky smile as if to say, if I don’t say it, it won’t be happening! At least he is smiling and it doesn’t cause a meltdown.

We were very surprised as he brought home his school report last week. We wasn’t expecting it and it brought both smiles and tears. Ethan has a very busy month coming up with the end of term approaching. With it we will experience our first school sports day and our first ever parents evening. I’m so excited and nervous about it all, I feel like an official parent now going to a parents evening!

Little E has been busy taking getting mobile to the next level this month. She is working on her balance and now walks along the edge of the sofa. She also likes to hold our hands to walk around the front room. She gets very frustrated if we stop holding her hands before she is ready. I don’t think she will be totally happy until she has her full independence. We are just watching and waiting for those first steps. In preparation of this we also got her, her first pair of shoes.

Next month brings with it Little E’s first birthday, how did that happen! So we will be spending the days preparing for that. We also have to prepare for Ethan’s first summer holidays. This will be the first time since Ethan was two and a half that he hasn’t had to go to school or nursery in the week. Operation Keep Ethan Busy will be in full swing, thankfully I have been able to plan some nice things for us to do. We will be exhausted by the time Ethan goes back to school!

dear beautiful

14 thoughts on “Me & Mine June 2015”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      She really has, I have no idea where this year has gone. It has gone so much faster than it did with Ethan x

  1. So many kids are shattered at school at the moment, summer holidays are well and truly needed I think for everyone! I am looking forward to lots of family time and days just to chill out if we want to. I love your photos, tickle smiles are always the best!!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. I’m surprised about how much I’m looking forward to the summer holidays. I was worried that Ethan would struggle with the amount of time off but I think he is going to enjoy his days with us x

  2. I can really relate to your ‘official parent’ comment, i felt the same at my first parents evening, and we have our first sports day next week too, exciting! x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I really don’t feel old enough to go to a parents evening. I’m really looking forward to it though, I think it’s going to be a positive experience x

  3. Beautiful photos to treasure!
    I can relate to the parents meeting, I had my first this year, my son started in September. I must admit I felt very grown up and found myself chewing the inside of my cheek, trying to hold back my tears of how unbelievably proud I was.
    It will be a great experience for you! x

  4. Okay, so that third photo down has to be my favourite. I love the way Little E is looking at her big bro like he is THE funniest thing she’s ever seen, such adoration. And you all just look so happy in these photos. Lovely. x

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