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Me & Mine February 2015

I finally ordered the remote for our camera so yesterday we headed out to capture our me and mine photos away from our sofa. We headed to our local park where we ended up finding a spot to sit! I have decided that when Little E gets more mobile these photos should get a little easier to be more creative.

Here they are, the best photos from our first ever photos taken with the remote (we need to work on this a little).


This month has been a little stressful with our boiler deciding to stop working and taking a few attempts to fix. The dreaded FORM has also made an appearance and I will be happy when I have completed filling it in.

This month also marked Ethan’s two-year autism diagnosis anniversary. This year it didn’t feel like a sad day, just a day that needed to be marked. It also brought with it a new word for him and a very small step forward at his dentist appointment. We also had to admit that we needed to look at Ethan’s car seat situation as he was starting to get dangerous in the car. This meant we had to purchase a Crelling Harness.

Little E got to experience bubbles for the first time this month and she is trying her hardest to become more mobile. She has no problem making her way around the front room by rolling or pushing backwards.

It felt like everyone had enough snow to build a snowman this month whilst we just had lots of snow showers. Maybe we will get to build our snowman next year.

Both Darren and I really just pottered about this month. There were a few trips into town for one thing or another and some family time to visit the sea.

We did take Ethan tenpin bowling for the first time this week, as he had seen it on Mr Tumble and got quite excited about it. He did very well but we had to keep him very engaged as she was quite excited but the ‘Christmas lights’ (arcade machines) that they also had in there. He also did nearly run down one of the other lanes in his excitement at one point!

Ethan has had a bit of a throwing month and has been throwing anything he can get his hands on. It has driven us insane. At the moment he is sorting our ‘paperwork’, this is a quieter pass-time.

We have a very busy month coming up, our first holiday as a family of four to Center Parcs, the possibility of a few days out and most importantly Ethan’s preparation for school starts. I need to start thinking about school uniforms, shoes and bags. A very busy month indeed!

dear beautiful


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