moving to greece all you need to know

Moving to Greece – All You Need to Know

The Greek way of life means weekend getaways to the islands in summer or skiing to organized resorts in winter. The sea is never more than 80km from anywhere in the hinterland, making water sports popular. In stark contrast to the typically arid landscape are the untouched wetlands in the north of the country, which are home to the most beautiful wildlife and important natural habitats in the European Union.

moving to greece all you need to know

Greece generally has a low crime rate, even in the most significant urban centres. The adaptation of both foreign children and foreign adults has become easier with the existence of multicultural schools and institutes, and organizations that “build” the path to a smooth integration.

Greeks love life. They are famous for their intense lifestyle and the long nights they like to spend eating, drinking and dancing. The majority of Greeks are deeply religious, and the most important religious event is Easter, where most Greeks travel to their place of origin to spend the holidays with their families. The dry and warm climate keeps the doors open and people happy. Outdoor cafes, restaurants, and summer cinemas are a way of life with a typical Greek quality.

History & Culture

The cultural heritage of Greece, which is also the foundation of Western Civilization, is felt in all aspects of modern Greek society. While numerous archaeological sites and museums – such as the ornate new Acropolis Museum – offer visitors the opportunity to experience Greek history up close, the country’s heritage is also kept alive in spectacular concert venues, open-air theatres and lively galleries in all of Athens.

Greece gives the opportunity to both its visitors and its inhabitants to explore the roots of Western Civilization. There are hundreds of museums, archaeological sites, and monuments throughout the country that capture the flourishing of arts, architecture, philosophy, and thought.


Having more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the climate of Greece contributes to a pleasant lifestyle throughout the year. Residents and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of summer and winter sports activities, such as tennis, sailing, swimming, skiing, golf, cycling, mountaineering.

The country also has many entertainment options, such as restaurants, nightclubs and cultural venues, contributing to a vibrant nightlife. Finally, the modern tourist infrastructure offers the opportunity for short getaways to some of the most beautiful locations in the world.


Greece has a modern transport network that facilitates travel by plane, ship, train, or car throughout the country. Almost the whole country is covered by public transport, making Greece fast and simple travel. You can even ship a car to Greece if you are visiting for an extended amount of time in order to spare the expense of constantly renting a car.

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