Moving Up…

At Ethan’s swimming lesson today we were told the following magical words…

Ethan is ready to move up
to the next group!

I couldn’t believe it, I feel like I have been waiting to move up to the next class for ages as we have seen so many other toddlers come and go. 

So after Easter we will be in the next age group. This means that our swimming lessons will now be in the leisure pool and not in the teaching pool I will therefore have to swim with Ethan as I’m too short to stand on the bottom of the swimming pool. This will be a challenge for both of us but one that I’m looking forward to. 

I do think we should take Darren swimming before our official lessons start as the last time we went swimming in the leisure pool Ethan had a meltdown in the changing area as it if different from the teaching pool area. I want us to be prepared for the change.  

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