Old MacDonald’s Farm

We were given tickets to visit Old MacDonald’s Farm from Shortbreaks for Disabled Children which is run by Essex County Council. We decided to visit in the first week of the summer holidays, and typically the day we chose rain was forecast.

It actually was the perfect day to visit as Ethan enjoyed the rides they had there and there were very little queues. This meant that Ethan could go on the rides as much as he liked.

The farm has a mix of animals, play areas and rides. To be honest we didn’t see many animals as Ethan was having too much fun on all of the rides.

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Because it was so quiet Ethan also had fun exploring the play areas without being scared of other children. It was nice to see him getting a little bit of his confidence back.


We were able to spend a good few hours at Old MacDonald’s Farm but to be honest I would only go again if we could get a good discount on the ticket prices. On the door prices for me and Darren would have been £30 and I think that’s quite expensive for what is there.

We did enjoy it and Ethan really loved it so we would visit again, discount permitting.
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4 thoughts on “Old MacDonald’s Farm”

  1. What a fab place for you to be able to visit as a family that Ethan really enjoyed and had the confidence to explore. It’s so sweet seeing Ethan and Little E on the rides together, he takes his role of big brother seriously checking on her in the video. The price does sound a bit steep but I’m sure if you can get a discount again Ethan will be very keen to go back. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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