Our Christmas Tree

Last year we decided to let Ethan help us put up the Christmas tree. Our hope was that it would help him prepare for the change that Christmas brings. We even made a time-lapse video of our efforts.

This year with Darren’s shifts we couldn’t pick a time that Ethan would be at home. Also having a toddler’s help could have made it interesting! So we decided to put up the tree whilst Ethan was at school.

Little E happily helped us with everything. Putting the tree together and sorting out the lights. She even helped with the decorating.


It didn’t take long to complete our Christmas tree.


I did wonder how Ethan would react to the change but thankfully he was very excited by the tree. He happily posed for a photo with it too.


Little E has also been very good with the tree. She does like to look at it and move the decorations about a little bit but it hasn’t been the battle I was expecting.

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