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Our Experience of Alpaca Trekking In Chelmsford

During our stay at Away Resorts Sandy Balls, we got the chance to walk alpacas. It was such an enjoyable experience that when we discovered we can now book alpaca trekking in Chelmsford we couldn’t wait to go.

Our Experience of Alpaca Trekking In Chelmsford

Where Does Alpaca Trekking in Chelmsford Take Place?

The alpaca treks take place at Lathcoats Farm. This is a farm we have been to visit in the past as they have a shop, tea rooms and small animals to visit. All Things Alpaca run the trekking experiences as well as other bookable experiences. They have seven alpacas that you take out on your trek. This means you will be joining other people on a standard trek booking. All of the alpaca’s names start with P and they are a very friendly bunch. The alpacas are called Popcorn, Poncho, Panda, Pickle, Pedro, Puzzle and Pluto.

all things alpaca sign alpaca trekking chelmsford

Our Alpaca Trek

For this alpaca trek, at seven, Little E was too young to walk an alpaca on her own. You must be eight years old to do this. She was able to help her dad so they would walk an alpaca together. As we weren’t sure of Ethan’s reaction, he was a little unsure of our alpaca at Away Resorts Sandy Balls. We booked another alpaca for me and him to walk together.

darren little e poncho alpaca trekking chelmsford

Rebecca is the alpaca handler and owner of All Things Alpaca she leads the treks. Her information about her animals is amazing and not only are you walking the alpacas you get to learn about them along the way.

white alpaca popcorn alpaca trekking chelmsford

Before the start of our trek members of the group were allocated an alpaca. This would also give us our position in the line of walking alpacas as they are a creature of habit. I was going to be walking Pickle with Ethan and Darren and Little E would be walking Poncho. This would put us in the second and third positions on our trek.

alpaca herd alpaca trekking chelmsford

After our alpaca introductions, it was time for our trek which take place in the Lathcoats Farm orchards. I never knew how big Lathcoats Farm really is. The treks last for approximately 45 minutes and time flies by. The trek also includes snack stops for the alpacas which gives you time to take photos with your new friend.

brown alpaca eating leaves alpaca trekking chelmsford

I was worried if Little E would enjoy this alpaca trek as she wasn’t in charge of her own alpaca. To be honest she didn’t really notice. I think she was enjoying the experience with her dad.

darren smiling little e brown alpaca poncho alpaca trekking chelmsford
little e brown alpaca poncho alpaca trekking chelmsford

Ethan was a complete star and so was Pickle. Ethan was flinching a lot with his excitement and Pickle took it all in his side. He didn’t move away from Ethan at any time. This in turn made Ethan trust him and it wasn’t long before Ethan was walking Pickle on his own. This was something totally unexpected but I loved how much he was enjoying the alpaca trek.

ethan walking brown alpaca pickle
ethan brown alpaca pickle

It did actually rain on our trek but not enough to spoil our time with the alpacas. You can watch our trek in the video below.

We really enjoyed our experience of alpaca trekking in Chelmsford. I have a feeling we will be returning in the future.

ethan little e two brown alpacas

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