Our Food Challenge – Planned Meals – Week 5

My fifth week as a full time mum brought with it Ethan’s third birthday so my meal planning was a little up in the air but I did choose a few new recipes from my cook books. They were as follows    

  • Lemon Grass Risotto 
  • Honey Sesame Chicken
  • Minted Lamb with Couscous
Both Lemon Grass Risotto and Honey Sesame Chicken are recipes from the Disney cook book. I chose the risotto as Ethan is taking quite a liking to risotto and it’s a new one to try. The honey sesame chicken is a recipe from the Nine Dragons Restaurant in EPCOT, a place that I have always wanted to eat in and one of the things I have always wanted to try but have never been able to. As always I will let you know how we got on…

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