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Our Siblings During April 2021

April 2021 started with the Easter holidays for our siblings. With Covid restrictions relaxing a little during April we were able to see family and friends outside. We were also able to go a little further afield and all of the children’s activities started again. This meant our weeks went from being very quiet to feeling very hectic.

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We are taking a slowly, slowly approach when it comes to our adventures. Don’t get me wrong I have been busy planning in the background but I’m making sure we are fully comfortable with everything we want to do. Ethan has been very happy as we have been able to take him to a few of his happy places. We have been able to visit Clacton-on-Sea and Frinton-on-Sea. He was also very brave and picked up a dead shark during our visit to Clacton. At first, we thought it was a stick. This is the boy who has major sensory issues about touching most things.

little e ethan holding found dogfish holland on sea

We also visited Mersea Island, another favourite place for our siblings. It has three great play areas and also a beach area. Another place that Ethan can see the sea and Little E can look for shells.

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Ethan is very happy at school at the moment. He is happy to go and I think he is enjoying that they can also have hot lunches again. He also got a Star of the Week at the end of April that he was very proud of.

little e holding unicorn drawing ethan holding star of the week

Little E is doing OK at school. She keeps telling me the teacher is saying that her handwriting is messy. I keep telling her that she has lost a lot of months off of school. You would think that they would be a little bit more understanding in the current circumstances. She has brought quite a few plants home this month. They have been growing really well which is amazing in this house. She really loves plants and flowers so I know she has loved this school project. She was even in the class newsletter showing off some plants she had grown in the class.

ethan laughing little e scooter time April 2021

I think we have all found April 2021 tiring. Both children have returned to swimming. Ethan has an after-school club to attend and Little E has her ballet. It is taking us all some time to get back into the swing of things but we are getting there.

ethan sitting little e laying bench cudmore groove mersea island April 2021

May will bring with it Ethan’s 11th Birthday. How is that even possible! We have a day out planned but by the look of the weather, it could be a bit of a washout. I’m sure we will all be happy with the change of scenery. If all things stay on track we also have a busy May half-term planned. Hopefully, we will be used to being busy again by then.

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