Paddling Pool Fun in the Heatwave

The first week of July brought with it a heatwave, which meant we could get the paddling pool out.

This was very exciting for us this year as it was Little E’s first experience of the paddling pool. It was also the first time that Etan had someone to ‘play’ with and his transformation was amazing. He still sat and watched the movement of the water. He also still spent a good hour just tipping the water into jugs, but he also interacted with Little E. There was lots of jumping, splashing and laughing. It was fantastic to watch and another confirmation that Ethan enjoys having a sibling.

Project365_22 Project365_21 LittleE_one9 LittleE_one11 LittleE_one21 PaddlingPoolHeatWave4 PaddlingPoolHeatWave_21 PaddlingPoolHeatWave_26 PaddlingPoolHeatWave_25 PaddlingPoolHeatWave_24 PaddlingPoolHeatWave_23 PaddlingPoolHeatWave_22 PaddlingPoolHeatWave2 PaddlingPoolHeatWave1

6 thoughts on “Paddling Pool Fun in the Heatwave”

  1. I love these photo’s Jane. They look like they had such fun in the pool together and look at how close they are. Brilliant! x

  2. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Both their happy faces are just adorable. Water really makes kids happy especially on warm days! #countrykids

  3. That is just magical seeing them playing together there, there is a lot of love between those two that I only see building with time. Such happy photos which must make you so proud. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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