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    Project 365

    Project 365 2021 Week 1 Day’s 1-8

    A photo a day, every day, for a year! I took part in Project 365 a few years ago. I was able to complete the year in 2015 but didn’t complete 2016 or 2017. This year I’m hoping I will do better. This is my post for the year 2021 Week 1. Project 365 – 2021 Week 1 Day 1 Our New Years Day tradition is to go for a walk at Frinton-on-Sea. Last year we left it until the afternoon to visit and the beach was packed. So this year we made sure we visited before our lunch. We didn’t walk too far as it was cold. We took…

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    Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Uncertainty

    Word of the Week is a linky I would take part in all the time. My aim this year is to write more blog posts about the family. So I’m starting to take part in Word of the Week again. This week my word is uncertainty as that is truly what it has been this week. It feels like a lifetime ago now! On Monday our children had inset/work from home days off of school. Ethan had the day off. Little E’s day was a home learning day. Darren was able to help her with her work as he had the day off too. There was concern from the teacher’s…

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    Out and About

    Our First Snowy Walk To School

    At the start of December, we got some snow. It was a surprise as there was no mention of snow in any of the weather reports. At 5.30 am Darren was declaring that it was snowing as he left for work. Our phone apps did show the snow but that it would turn to rain by the time we would be on the school run. There was lots of excitement from the children. I found myself praying that we would be able to experience a snowy walk to school that morning. My praying must have worked as it was still snowing by the time we left for our school run.…

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    Our Siblings In 2020 – The Year Of The Pandemic

    What a year our siblings had in 2020! In 2019 our siblings had a year full of adventures. For our siblings in 2020, it was the year of change and staying at home. Even though the pandemic brought some upsets and big changes to routines I’m very proud of how our siblings have handled it. This Is Our Siblings In 2020 January January started on a real high for our siblings. We had surprised them with a trip to Disneyland Paris. I wanted to share the experience of the Christmas season with them. We could only fit in two nights but were able to stay at the Disneyland Hotel for…

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    Our Siblings During December 2020

    After a quiet November for our siblings, we ventured out a bit more in December 2020. Making sure we stayed local to celebrate Christmas. Our December started with an unexpected snowy walk to school. There hadn’t been any predictions on the weather about snow. When Darren left for work at 5 am he declared it was snowing. The children were so excited, I found myself hoping that it would stay as snow for the school run. My phone was showing that it would be rain by then. Thankfully it stayed as snow. I was soaked when I got home and it took me all day to warm up again. But…

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