• so you want to build a human

    Home Learning Book Bundle GIVEAWAY

    WELBECK Publishing has offered our readers the chance to win a lovely Home Learning Book Bundle. This bundle includes three books, So You Want To Build A Human, Living Planet, and Maker Workshop. We are also giving away a Crafting Book Bundle. The Home Learning Book Bundle So You Want To Build A Human This book is a ‘human body construction guide’. It is the perfect book to reveal the answers to all your puzzling human biology questions! You will be able to discover what each body system does and how they fit together to create a living, breathing person. Exploring the ten major body systems from the inside out.…

  • little e so slime diy glam shakers boxed

    So Slime DIY Glam Shakers REVIEW

    We were first introduced to the So Slime DIY range last year. We reviewed the So Slime DIY Case. I totally got the slime mixing wrong! So when we were asked if we would like to review the So Slime DIY Glam Shakers I thought it would be nice to give it another try. *This post contains an affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. What Are The So Slime DIY Glam Shakers? With the So Slime DIY Glam Shakers, you can create your very own slime from scratch. The slime is scented but also organic. The slime is simple and easy to create. You just…

  • toucan crystal art motif

    An Introduction To Crystal Art REVIEW

    During my January visit to the Toy Fair, I was introduced to Crystal Art from Crystal Card Kit. It was something I had never seen before. They showed me how to place the crystals on an artwork. Instantly I knew it was something that I would find very relaxing. I also fell in the love with the artwork that is available to create. During the lockdown, Crystal Card Kit reached out to me. They offered to send Little E one of their Crystal Art Frameable Kits to review. They also sent me some Crystal Art Motifs sets to try. Crystal Art Motifs Crystal Art Motifs are crystal artwork stickers. You…

  • ethan little e siblings april 2020

    Siblings April 2020

    April 2020 was our first full month in lockdown and the first full month our siblings had away from school. We did have every intention for Ethan to continue going to school. With Darren on Furlough, we didn’t think it was fair to keep sending him in. I have no idea what we had planned for our siblings in April as I stopped looking at the calendar. I’m sure there were things that had to cancel. We have been trying to get into a school routine and it worked well over the Easter holidays. We were downloading work from the Twinkl website and both children were working on something each…

  • ethan tenth birthday balloons

    Turning Ten In Lockdown

    Dear Ethan, on Friday we celebrated your tenth birthday. I always wondered how we would celebrate your big double-digit birthday but I never imagined you would be turning ten whilst the country was in lockdown. You have grown up this past year and have suddenly got very tall. We can finally buy you the correct age clothes now as for years we needed to buy you smaller sizes than your age. Even with this, growth spirt you are still one of the smallest in your class! You have come on so much this year. You have many more words and you can sometimes respond to simple questions if we remember…

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