• seahorse christmas ornament

    Our 2020 Christmas Tree

    Before we move into what hopefully will be a better 2021 I want to share our 2020 Christmas tree. This is something I do every year and we treated our tree to some new decorations this year. This year we put our tree up on the last weekend in November. I wanted to put it up in December but the children were desperate to get our tree up. They kept spotting our neighbor’s trees. 2020 was the year were Christmas trees went up early that’s for sure. The last weekend in November also fitted in well with Darren’s new work shift. This year Little E took over the tree decorating.…

  • ethan little e wheres santa map preparing for santas visit

    Preparing for Santa’s Visit – Christmas Eve 2020

    This Christmas Eve was the first time I can remember the children being so excited about Santa’s visit. I don’t know what it was that built the excitement. Perhaps having to celebrate at home or just that Ethan finally fully understands what happens at Christmas. Seeing both children as excited as each other was an amazing experience. One that I hope we can have for a few more years yet. Our preparations for Santa started by leaving reindeer food in our garden. During our Christmas visit to Colchester Zoo, we were able to buy little bags of real reindeer feed to leave out. The money raised from the bags went…

  • ethan little e meeting santa santas grotto fenwick
    Out and About

    Visiting Santa’s Grotto at Fenwick

    As winter progressed I was unsure if our planned Christmas Days out would go ahead. I didn’t want the children to miss out on seeing Santa this year. So I looked for a local Santa’s Grotto. As you can imagine there were lots of cancellations for the usual grotto’s. Poplar Garden Centre wasn’t running their usual grotto. I couldn’t find any information for the grotto at Perrywood Garden Centre and even Colchester Zoo were slimming down their Christmas celebrations this year. I discovered that there is a Santa’s Grotto at Fenwick and it was bookable. This would give us a timed slot reducing Ethan’s waiting and making it an easier…

  • ethan little e sparklers

    Our Siblings During November 2020

    In November 2020 the country entered lock-down 2.0. Meaning the Christmas activities I had planned for our Siblings in late November had to be cancelled. I had booked tickets to visit Christmas at Kew and Lapland UK. Thankfully our siblings didn’t know about these trips so there was no upset for them because of the cancellations. So November 2020 was another quiet month for our siblings. The start of November brings with it Guy Fawkes Night. We normally watch the local fireworks display from our house. The crowd restrictions in place brought with it firework show cancelations. I did find a local drive-in fireworks display but this was cancelled when…

  • osmo super studio disney princess starter kit
    Toy Review

    OSMO Super Studio Disney Princess REVIEW

    OSMO asked Little E to show you how to use the OSMO game Masterpiece to decorate cookies. At the same time, they sent her the Super Studio Disney Princess game to review. Being that we love Disney Little E was very excited about this. *This post contains Skimlinks and Amazon affiliate links. The Our Little Escapades Amazon Storefront contains all of the items we have reviewed. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. What Is OSMO? OSMO is a tablet accessory that is gives you hands-on learning. OSMO does this using apps that use objects in the real world. These objects are able to interact with the digital…

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