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    Having Fun With Super Wings Toys REVIEW

    Recently we have been helping Super Wings promote their new magazine. This was with twitter parties and written reviews. With each magazine bundle, they also sent us some great Super Wings Toys. I thought it would be a great idea to write a round-up review of the toys. I know there are lots of Super Wings fans out there that will find this helpful. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Our Super Wings Toys Collection Super Wings Rescue Riders This playset consists of Sparky the brave fire truck and Zoey the ambulance. Recreate Dizzy’s Rescue Riders adventures to help save the day.…

  • ethan little e martins farm country park siblings june 2020

    Siblings June 2020

    June 2020 brought with it a little bit of normality for our siblings. Well, a new normal that we are now living with. After the official May half-term, Ethan started to go back to school for two days a week. Little E’s school didn’t reopen until halfway through the month. This means that Darren was still entertaining our siblings whilst I worked around everyone. June 2020 consisted of walks and taking it in turns going on bike rides with their Daddy. There were also visit to the parks and lots of duck feeding. Ethan’s return to school is causing him some confusion. Only attending two days a week isn’t his…

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    Days Out

    Social Distancing At Colchester Zoo

    During this time of lockdown, we have been going out for daily walks. As restrictions lifted we ventured out to the beach. But the children haven’t stopped asking about our ‘adventures’. With Colchester Zoo reopening I managed to book us some gold pass holders tickets. Our allocated visiting time was from 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm. Which is the perfect time for us as we like short visits. This visit would be our first time experiencing social distancing at Colchester Zoo. Please be aware that this visit to Colchester Zoo was before the 4th of July. The government has announced new social distancing guidelines from July the 4th. How Does…

  • Qwirkle A Matching Game REVIEW

    Qwirkle A Matching Game REVIEW

    Coiledspring Games have recently sent us some different games to play and review. We have had fun playing their cat-themed games Rat-a-Tat Roll and Kitty Bitty. They recently sent us Qwirkle so that we could put a matching game to the test. *This post contains an affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Qwirkle Quirkle is simple in theory as you match colours and shapes. It also requires tactical maneuvers and a well-planned strategy to play. Create lines of tiles of the same colour or shape to earn points. These lines can’t contain duplicates. If you can create a line of six tiles you score a…

  • Baby Born Surprise Series 3 REVIEW

    Baby Born Surprise Series 3 REVIEW

    BABY born recently released BABY Born Surprise Series 3 dolls. Little E loves the BABY born Surprise range. She has reviewed Series One dolls, Series Two dolls, the Baby Bottle House, and the Surprise Pets. Not to mention lots of other BABY born goodies. She was sent three of the BABY Born Surprise Series 3 dolls to open. Who did she discover inside? *This post contains affiliate links from Skimlinks and Amazon Associates. I earn from qualifying purchases. Baby Born Surprise Series 3 Which Swaddle Will You Discover? Just like series 1 and 2 these baby born dolls are full of surprises. The first surprise to discover is the swaddle.…

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