Plan Toys Beehives Product Review #ToadTest

After writing our Christmas wishlist for The Toadstool we were asked if we would like to review the Plan Toys Beehives game that we had on our list.

Plan Toys are beautifully made, durable wooden toys made from sustainable wood and eco friendly materials, encouraging learning and development through play.
The reason we added the Beehives game to our wishlist is because it helps develop fine motor skills. It also encourages colour matching something that I’m keen to work on with Ethan, so for the past few days we have been playing the game. 
What’s in the box
  • Six hives
  • Six colour corresponding bees
  • Pincers
  • A booklet with game suggestions
I introduced Ethan to this game by putting two beehives in-front of him and asking him to put the bee I gave him in the correct hive. I then tried to increase the number of bees and hives one by one but Ethan loved the little bees and got easily distracted. I put the game away so that I could keep some control over the activity. 
We have played the game quite a few times over the course of the week and it started to go well until the pincers were introduced. Ethan was fascinated with them.  
Ethan has attempted to use the pincers to take the bees out of the hives but he hasn’t quite got the hang of it so gets frustrated. 
Ethan’s Verdict: Ethan loves the bees and the pincers, he gets excited whenever I get the box out to play the game with him. We have had some lovely uses of the words yellow and green and he is happily humming the other colours to me. It’s the perfect game for him as it involves posting the bees, therefore giving him a task to complete, and he is learning his colours by matching. 
My Verdict: I think this is a great little game, and I think you could easily play this in a group or on your own. The pincers are very easy to use, and the bees can be placed in and out of the hives quite easily. I also like the fact that you can stack the hives to increase the difficulty level of the game, you have total control. 
The build quality is of a very high standard, and the wings on the bees are very secure. The colours are vibrant which helps when learning them. Ethan has put the pincers to the test and I’m positive this game will stand the test of time.
I would happily buy more products from the Plan Toys range.

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