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Project 365 2015 Week 24 Days 158-164

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 158

We went to the 02 to see In The Night Garden Live. This was our third time seeing the show. We wasn’t going to go whilst Little E was so young but our friends were going and invited us to join them. Little E really enjoyed it, and Ethan coped really well too.


Day 159

Embracing baby led weaning this is what Little E had for lunch. It took two hours but she ate it all apart from the mini babybel and the tomatoes as they got thrown on the floor.


Day 160

I made us all mild vegetable biryani for dinner, we had ours with curry Little E had it without.


Day 161

Little E is fascinated with Ethan’s iPad, he isn’t quite ready to share it.


Day 162

Little E found some paper on the floor and spent ages ripping it into little pieces. It might be fun on her birthday.


Day 163

Darren has been fighting with our grass for the past few weeks, we had lots of moss and quite a lot of it had died. We were finally able to take Little E out in our garden this afternoon to experience grass.


Day 164

Little E had a biscuit at the baby group on Wednesday, I brought her a packet so she could have one as a treat.

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