Project 365 2015 Week 37 – 39 Days 249-269

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 249

We had a voucher for some money off at GAP so we treated Little E to some winter clothes. She put them to the test when we got home.


Day 250

We reviewed the OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup today and I love this picture I took of Little E whilst she put it to the test.


Day 251

I sorted out our winter coats today and found my winter hat. I put it on Little E and she run around the front room with it on for some time.


Day 252

Little E spotted herself in the mirror today whilst we played with her toys.


Day 253

Ethan had lots of fun with Rody today, he was a hit.


Day 254

Little E had Baby Ballet today so we went to the soft play a little earlier to that both children could let off some steam.


Day 255

Little E is really into her books at the moment, she brought this one to me today to read to her.


Day 256

We had Ethan’s 5th Birthday party at the bowling alley. They sent us a voucher for a free game which we finally used today.


Day 257

Ethan’s first day back at school, it went better than I expected.


Day 258

Time to take our siblings photos for the month.


Day 259

Nanny brought Little E a new head band, perfect for Baby Ballet!


Day 260

A sneaky look at what’s on the iPad whilst Ethan gave Little E a cuddle.


Day 261

Time for Little E to give her brother a cuddle. I think they are missing having each other around in the day.


Day 262

Another day, another head band!


Day 263

Fun in Grandma and Grandpa’s garden today.


Day 264

We spotted these snow boots in ASDA today and added them to our potential purchase list.


Day 265

We had to walk into town today and it rained all morning. Thankfully the rain eased as we walked through the park.


Day 266

A trip to Tesco’s after school and Ethan showed us a new game. He decided to stand on the trolley as Darren pushed it around the shop. Little E thought it was a fantastic game.


Day 267

Ethan had a dentist appointment today and he was sent a copy of Monkey Wellbeing to help prepare him. It was our best visit yet, an update will be blogged about soon.


Day 268

A very messy dinner!


Day 269

This morning we had a Duplo morning, and Ethan showed some hints of imaginative play.

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