Project 365 2015 Week 41 – 43 Days 277-297

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 277

Ethan has taken to guiding Little E around the front room by her shoulders, something on the TV stopped them in their tracks.


Day 278

Little E decided that today the dinosaur was going to get lots of kisses!


Day 279

I dug out Ethan’s ark for Little E and she had fun mixing up the animals.


Day 280

A healthy lunch for Little E today.


Day 281

Little E’s hair is nearly long enough for bunches.


Day 282

Another one of Ethan’s toys brought down for Little E, they both liked playing with this one.


Day 283

The boys sent me this selfie that they took whilst waiting for Ethan’s swimming lesson to start.


Day 284

Some lovely iPad sharing before bedtime.


Day 285

Ethan is really controlling what we watch on the TV at the moment but I was able to put In The Night Garden on for Little E tonight.


Day 286

A Spa day treat for me!


Day 287

Time for this months siblings photos, another famous sofa shot!


Day 288

Little E found Nanny very funny today.


Day 289

A quiet iPad moment before bed for Ethan.


Day 290

Darren’s tire blew up whilst he was driving today. Thankfully he was OK but he had to wait for recovery to take him back to the depot.


Day 291

All of the bibs were in the wash today so I tea towel was called for. Little E’s expression is priceless.


Day 292

I might have directed Ethan to Walt Disney World’s You Tube channel!


Day 293

I had some files to upload this evening Little E gave me a helping had.


Day 294

Little E was trying to give Ethan a cuddle. She does this by grabbing his head.


Day 295

Ethan liked the music on an advert and danced for Little E, she found it very funny.


Day 296

Ethan brought home a Minion Pumpkin that he made at school. It has been a highlight of the past 24 hours.


Day 297

Ethan made a hidden Mickey today, must be the influence of the You Tube channel!

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Week 41 – 43 Days 277-297”

  1. Love all the photos that show the bond between Ethan and Little E – her laughing at him dancing is gorgeous! Lovely father and son selfie too. Glad Darren was OK after his puncture – it looks like he did a proper job of it! Hope you enjoyed your spa day 🙂

  2. Love love love the minion pumpkin and gosh to Darrens Tyre! hope he didn’t have to wait too long! Awe, little E is such a cutie! x

  3. Little E really is growing up fast, look at the lovely food she’s eating these days, hope hubby has sorted the car, i’ve hd that happen twice at speed and its rather frightening

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