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Project 365 2021 Week 3 Day’s 16-22

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 3. It’s our third week of juggling work and homeschooling. To be honest, homeschooling had to take a backseat. I was consumed by my work this week and tight deadlines. It means that this weekend we will have to play catch up with the school work.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 3

Day 16

snow dusting back garden

It started to snow this morning. It did settle on the paths but not enough to really enjoy it. The children didn’t want to venture out in it. This did surprise me. They opted for a Netflix movie day. We found quite a lot of new children’s films to watch on there.

Day 17

ethan little e scooter walk park

We took the children out for a walk on their scooters today. It was the first time I had left the house all week. We went for quite a long walk as we also needed to buy some milk. I’m drinking tea like it’s going out of fashion at the moment!

Day 18

haly way through tangled 10th anniversary walt disney world puzzle

There was another coronavirus conference tonight. They always make me feel unsettled and overloaded with information. After a full day working on my computer I needed my puzzle tonight.

Day 19

darren blowing out candles birthday cake

Today was Darren’s birthday. We have all now celebrated a birthday in lock-down. He had the day off of work and we got to celebrate with a Pizza Hut delivery for dinner and chocolate cake.

Day 20

darrens birthday cards 2021 Week 3

We are having big issues with our post at the moment. Lots of our local postmen are off sick with Covid-19. This is causing delays with everyone’s letters. Our birthday cards for Darren arrived today. He got a card in the post for his birthday every day this week.

Day 21

complete tangled 10th anniversary walt disney world puzzle 2021 Week 3

Another coronavirus conference today means more puzzle time for me. I completed this puzzle tonight. I need to buy another one now. Ethan likes this one so much that it is still complete in the puzzle roll. He won’t let me break it up until I get a new puzzle.

Day 22

darren ethan little e selfie colchester castle 2021 Week 3

Darren had another day off of work today. He took the children for a much-needed walk. They really did need to let off some steam. He also completed one of Little E’s schoolwork challenges with her. We still have lots to catch up on.

That was our 2021 Week 3 adventure. You can read about our week 2 here.

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 3 Day’s 16-22”

  1. Well done on completing the puzzle!

    Happy belated birthday to Darren.

    I haven’t had any post in days and I am expecting some appointment letters….we have been having issues with the posties off sick too.

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby, we have a lockdown birthday to celebrate this week which will also mean that we have all had one now. We did a scooter / bike ride this week too

  3. It sounds like the kids had fun on their scooters. We seem to be going out less and less at the moment.
    Happy birthday to Darren. What a yummy looking cake.
    Well done with your jigsaw. x

  4. Nice for the children to get out on their scooters. My son had pizza take out for his birthday too – unfortunately we had to go and collect because they don’t deliver out to us.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Darren! The chocolate cake looks tasty!
    Parents are put in a difficult position, with balancing their own work from home ane homeschooling.
    The puzzle looks great! I bet all those brown pieces were fiendish to find where to put. I usually divide pieces by colour, but here it’s all shades of brown, tricky.

  6. I am also struggling with work and homeschooling. Its tough isn’t it? My husbands birthday was this week and his cards were late too and his present (opps). Looks like you managed some time outside and I love the jigsaw.

  7. Love the puzzle, wish I had more time and space to get back into them again! I get fed up with the press conferences as they never seem to answer any direct question or offer any hope 🙁 This lockdown seems so much tougher than last year #project365

  8. haha I seem to be drinking a lot more tea than usual too! Perhaps its to warm up as its so cold. Hope Darren enjoyed his birthday, cake and takeout! You should get some mod podge puzzle saver glue and frame it. We framed my son’s lion jigsaw this week.

  9. That puzzle does look like a lot of work. hope you had fun an a downtime doing it. Your statement that all of us have celebrated a birthday in lockdown made me ponder for a minute – the lockdown and pandemic have been for too long isn’t it?

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