dew covered dandelion

Project 365 2021 Weeks 38 & 39 Day’s 261-274

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Weeks 38 and 39. We are in full school and work routine. These past two weeks have been busy for me at work. I have done longer hours whilst juggling the kids. We have watched the world go nuts for petrol. Thankfully Darren was able to get us some which didn’t involve any queuing. We made two visits to Colchester Zoo before our zoo passes ran out. We decided to renew them again this year. As long as we visit twice a year they have more or less paid for themselves. We have already planned some of our future zoo trips.

Project 365 – 2021 Weeks 38 & 39

Day 261

mickey mouse pumpkin

I have wanted a Mickey Mouse pumpkin for many years. I could never find one on our past October visits to Walt Disney World that I was happy to bring home on a nine-hour flight. This year I was finally able to order one from Shop Disney.

Day 262

lorikeet eating nectar little es head

Colchester Zoo was having a Dino Day. We got there for opening but missed seeing any dinosaurs as we were too early. I didn’t fancy walking pack down to their location when we found out what time they came out. Thankfully we didn’t tell the children they were visiting. We did however feed the lorikeets as a special treat for Little E.

Day 263

little e reading car

To help me in the week Little E does her reading in the car with Darren. This only happens on his days off but it’s the only real reading time she gets. Queue the mum guilt!

Day 264

purple flower little es hair

We found another purple flower on the way home. Little E wanted to wear this one in her hair.

Day 265

dew covered dandelion

There is dew on the grass on the morning school runs now. I took this photo of a dew-covered dandelion.

Day 266

little e holding leaf stem art

You can’t really see it that clearly in this photo. Little E has started to ‘make art’ with leaf stems on our school runs.

Day 267

runner bean garden

Ethan brought home a plant at the end of the last school year. We planted it in the garden not knowing what it was. It turns out it is a runner bean.

Day 268

malayan sun bear colchester zoo

It was a late-night opening at Colchester Zoo today. We have never managed to visit one of these events before. We went to also renew our zoo passes. During our visit, we finally saw the Malayan Sun Bears. We have never seen them in their inclosure.

Day 269

ethan relaxing sofa watching ipad

We had our friends visit today. The first time they have visited our house for longer than I dare to remember. This is Ethan chilling out after they went home.

Day 270

cup tea 2021 Weeks 38

Such a busy day at work for me today. I remembered that I didn’t have time to take a photo today just as I was having my last cup of tea before going to bed.

Day 271

carbon footprint character school playground 2021 Weeks 38

When I collected Little E from school today there was a carbon footprint in the playground!

Day 272

squirrel park 2021 Weeks 38

I think this squirrel thought I had some food for him when I walked home from the morning school run.

Day 273

virgin atlantic flight prices august 2022 2021 Weeks 38

Next year will be five years since we last went to Walt Disney World. I’m getting itchy feet to go back. Seeing all the 50 years celebrations isn’t helping! Accidentally, we tend to go every five years. With these flight prices, I don’t think we will be going back to Orlando anytime soon.

Day 274

jane soaked through jeans 2021 Weeks 38

It was school photo day! In the commotion of making sure Little E’s hair was perfect, I didn’t pay any attention to the weather. The heavens opened during the school run and we all got soaked. I didn’t bring any umbrellas with us. To be honest I don’t think they would have helped in any way to keep us dry.

That was our 2021 Weeks 38 and 39 adventures. You can read about weeks 36 and 37 here.

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Weeks 38 & 39 Day’s 261-274”

  1. That’s a very expensive trip, I hope all of you will have an amazing time. The Sun bears are so cute, I loved them when they were shown at the Chester Zoo show on TV.

  2. Lucky to have got to the zoo. I wish we had some places like that closer that we could go to regularlly. There’s been so many squirrels around recently. Don’t think I’ve seen as many as I’ve seen this year

  3. Love your Mickey Mouse pumpkin. Glad you’ve enjoyed some days out at the zoo. I love the photo of Little E with a lorikeet on her head. How lovely to have friends visit. Those prices to visit Walt Disney World are steep. Hope that you will manage to visit it again at some point but I can see why you’re not thinking any time soon! #project365

  4. I love that Mickey Mouse pumpkin, super cute. I am still kicking myself for not buying Isaac a Jack Skellinton bomber jacket from there. Will have to see if its available from the shop

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