firefighter meerkat ornaments colchester

Project 365 2022 Week 27, 28 & 29 Days 183-203

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 27, 28 and 29. The last three weeks of school. I always find these weeks intense with all the last-minute bits you need to sort out. I did find our covid limited life easier as the parents weren’t required at school for every little thing. Two different schools and my busy period at work are an interesting combination. Little E celebrated her eighth birthday and the celebrations went on for these three weeks. I was glad when the holidays started and the break from the very hot school runs started.

Project 365 – 2022 Week 27, 28 & 29

Day 183 – Week 27

ethan scooter skate park

We have always avoided taking the children to the stake park as we were worried about Ethan’s ability there. Walking home with friends and borrowing their scooters showed me Ethan’s confidence there. Darren took Ethan over to the skate park early to see how he got on.

Day 184

little e wearing wetsuit clacton on sea

I booked a beach hut day at Clacton-on-Sea for Little E’s birthday. We spent the day catching up with our friends. The kids spent the day in the sea on their boogie boards.

Day 185

whole chicken slow cooker

We cook lots of meals in our slow cooker. I decided to try and cook a whole chicken. I don’t even cook a whole chicken in our oven. It worked and was amazing. This discovery has helped cut our food bills a bit and Darren uses the leftover chicken for his lunches. Which is a better option for him than ham.

Day 186

mortage payment letter

Our fixed-rate mortgage is coming to an end. We are starting to have bills about our increasing payment. We have had about three letters with increases since this first one.

Day 187

ethan wearing green

Ethan had a non-uniform day at school today. They all had to come into school wearing green. Thankfully he already had green options in his wardrobe.

Day 188

firefighter meerkat ornaments colchester

Someone has been placing meerkat ornaments around Colchester. We spotted the firefighter today on our walk home.

Day 189

pizza hut delivery hut box

Pizza Hut for dinner tonight.

Day 190 – Week 28

child disability living allowance renewal form

It’s that time again time to renew Ethan’s DLA. I hate this form with a passion but they sent a shorter version for this renewal. You have to list everything your child can’t do. I found my answers were short and to the point this time. Now we wait for months to see what the person sitting at the desk that day decides.

Day 191

little e blowing out candles chocolate cake

As Little E’s birthday is a school day we celebrated early at nanny’s house. Little E opened some gifts and we had chocolate tea and cake.

Day 192

little e eight balloon

Little E is eight! She started the day opening her gifts, opting for a new scooter this year like her brother. Then it was the normal busy Monday routine for us all.

Day 193

printer ink sticker

I needed to order printer ink. There are lots of reports to send off with Ethan’s DLA renewal it takes some time to sort it all out.

Day 194

27 degrees celsius house temperature

The house is getting hot. This was before the day had even really started!

Day 195

sweet favours birthday party

Little E is having a joint birthday party with her best friend. These are the sweet treats we ordered to give out at the end of the party.

Day 196

sweet home alabama car radio

Ethan keeps putting this song on when we are in the car. I realised it’s played at the start of the first Despicable Me movie.

Day 197 – Week 29

ethan holding bb-8 lego art

Ethan finally wanted to build this Lego set he got for his birthday. He still has the Minon set to build but we have to wait until he is ready.

Day 198

chocolate birthday cake eight number candle 2022 Week 27

The day of Little E’s official joint birthday party. We hired the local soft play so that we could invite all of the class. After missing birthdays with friends for the past two years, I thought it was important to have a party this year.

Day 199

28 degrees celsius house temperature 2022 Week 27

Hot house!

Day 200

42 degrees celsius car temperature 2022 Week 27

I decided to take the car on the school runs in this hot weather. Hoping it would be the cooler option. This was how hot my car was on the afternoon collection.

Day 201

ethan end of school year gifts 2022 Week 27

Ethan brought some end-of-school gifts home from his teachers. I wasn’t expecting it but he loved all of the sweet treats he had.

Day 202

ethan little e last day school july 2022 Week 27

Last day of school photo. Today Ethan said goodbye to year seven and Little E said goodbye to year three.

Day 203

ethan little e scooters 2022 Week 27

First day of the summer holidays. Nana and Pappy came round to take the children out to the park for a bit whilst I work.

That was our 2022 Week 27, 28 and 29 adventures. You can read about weeks 25 and 26 here.

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