daffodils park project 365 2023

Project 365 2023 Week 11 & 12 Days 70-83

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2023 Week 11 and 12. We had two very different weeks this time. Darren had to work from home for one week borrowing my computer to do so. I also got spoilt with it being Mother’s Day and my birthday all in the same week.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 11

Day 70

red blue cuddling gnoks project 365 2023

Our pottery painting projects were ready to collect today. I really like my gonks.

Day 71

chocolate cake pizza express project 365 2023

We had some running about to do in town today. I had a birthday offer for Pizza Express and some silver members offers so we had an early dinner there.

Day 72

first class stamps yellow envelopes project 365 2023

Letters arrived today that needed action. So I filled in the forms ready to send them back.

Day 73

death cure james dashner book bed project 365 2023

I’m struggling to read this Maze Runner book. I’m not sure if it is so different to the films that I’m finding it hard. Or perhaps my mind is on other things again. I made time before going to sleep to read some more.

Day 74

frozen pattern garden table top project 365 2023

Another cold morning with ice patterns on our garden table. They are really pretty.

Day 75

smart meter balance project 365 2023

Warmer weather means a better balance on the smart meter. If the bill is this low before the school run it is going to be a good bill day.

Day 76

little es secrect student award project 365 2023

Little E was given the secret student award. I’m not really sure what it is for but they don’t get told who has won it until the end of the day. There is so much to learn joining a new school!

Project 365 – 2023 Week 12

Day 77

sunset 18th march project 365 2023

Another busy Saturday running around. I remembered to take a photo of the sunset.

Day 78

mothers day cards gifts project 365 2023

Mother’s Day today and a nice relaxing day at home. These are my gifts and cards that Little E picked from them both.

Day 79

disneyland paris digital photo album folders

I’m trying to write more posts about our Disneyland Paris trips. I moved all the photo albums over to the new mac photos application. I might also be working out when we can go back.

Day 80

ethan dressed harry potter holding hedwig

Ethan’s World Book Day today. His turn to go to school as Harry Potter. He even asked to wear the glasses.

Day 81

daffodils park

A walk around the park for me and Ethan today whilst Little E was at her dance class. There were lots of daffodils out.

Day 82

norwegian iceland disney cruise quote

Disney Cruise line added the 2024 cruises into the system today. As much as I would love to go on this sailing I think I will have to pass!

Day 83


It’s my birthday tomorrow. Darren brought me some tulips on the way home as he has to work on my birthday.

That was our 2023 Week 11 and 12 adventure. You can read about week 10 here.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 Week 11 & 12 Days 70-83”

  1. Aww! The gonks are so cute! Great job!
    I am so happy the weather is getting warmer and the heating is going on less.
    Well done to Little E getting the award even if you’re not sure for what it’s for and what a fantastic Harry Potter Ethan was.
    That cruise sounds amazing but the price. Eek!

  2. We were looking at cruises recently and no way am I paying those prices, everything is so much more expensive since covid/brexit.Hope you had a lovely birthday. I love gongs, they have started to take over my house.

  3. Ouch that cruise price. N really wants to go to Spain, but the prices even for just a package holiday are insane. Well done on Little E’s award. N’s school awards at primary were the same. He was never really clear what tthey were for

  4. Those gonks are so cute. I am desperate to do a norwegian fjord cruise and would love a disney one, but not at that price…….what normal family can afford that?????

  5. Love your gonks – they look amazing. The ice patterns on your garden table are very pretty. Always nice to have a low bill day on the heating front thanks to the weather getting warmer! Well done to Little E on the secret student award. Love Ethan’s Harry Potter outfit. Hope you had a lovely birthday. #project365

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