red sky 29th january project 365 2023

Project 365 2023 Week 5 Days 28-34

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2023 Week 5. This week took quite a different turn as Ethan caught his finger in the car door on Monday morning. This resulted in a difficult trip to A&E on Wednesday night and an appointment at another hospital on Friday morning. Ethan will be having an operation on Monday morning. Something that will not be easy for a boy with limited understanding and a fear of doctors.

Project 365 – 2023 Week 5

Day 28

silver bedding pattern project 365 2023

I ordered us some new bedding. Silver is the colour of the bedding I have chosen for our new house. It might just be that it is in the colour at the moment. This is the pattern on our new set.

Day 29

red sky 29th january project 365 2023

Little E had a friend come over today for a playdate. It was her first ever playdate at eight years old. There were some interesting moments. This was the colour of the sky that night.

Day 30

bruised finger ethans hand project 365 2023

On the morning school run Ethan caught his finger in the car door. He didn’t really cry about it but we believe he has a very high pain threshold. Something that can be common in children with autism but I’m not sure if it is a proven fact. We kept him at home today. This is what his finger looked like that evening.

Day 31

maze runner book series project 365 2023

The little bit of normality our week held. Today I have a delivery of new books. Deciding to read The Maze Runner series next. I like the film franchise and books are normally better than films. I didn’t know there are so many books in the series. These are the first five. Hopefully, they will keep me going for a bit.

Day 32

ethan black swollen finger project 365 2023

This is what Ethan’s finger looked like on Wednesday evening. It was clear someone would need to look at it so we went to A&E. Ethan really struggled with the waiting time there. On his admission form, they asked if there were any disabilities they needed to know about. I listed all of Ethan’s. At 11 pm, over three hours of not being seen by anyone I finally got the chance to ask someone where he was on the list. Mentioning his autism. To be honest, he was making enough noise and was in enough distress by then you wouldn’t have missed it. I was told I should have told them he was autistic as they don’t read the forms!

Day 33

ethan asleep hospital bed

After our ‘chat,’ we were quickly moved to children’s A&E. When Ethan saw on our phones it was gone midnight he completely freaked out. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t go home to bed. That is all he wanted to do. It was heartbreaking. At one point Ethan asked if he was in jail. The nurses set us up in a room with a bed and we finally got him to go to sleep by pretending we were on a little holiday at the hospital. We left the hospital at 4 am knowing that Ethan hadn’t broken his finger and had an appointment for Friday morning at a specialist plastic surgery department in another hospital.

Day 34

ethan playing toy garage hospital waiting room

Friday morning bright and early and another waiting room but Ethan was happier in this one. Thankfully this toy garage kept him busy. We had to prepare for him to have an operation that day. This meant nil by mouth for Ethan. But we didn’t really know what was going to happen. They saw us quite quickly and are aware that Ethan is autistic. He is going to have his operation on Monday morning. They wanted to make sure they have a special team in for him. It won’t be an easy day but they need to fix his finger.

That was our 2023 Week 5 adventure. You can read about week 4 here.

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3 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 Week 5 Days 28-34”

  1. I hope everything goes well at the hospital tomorrow. Ethans finger does look sore. You did right taking him to A&E.
    Little E’s playdate sounds interesting. The sky is so pretty. x

  2. Ethan’s finger looked quite bad. I hope the operation went smoothly yesterday. What a nightmare with the whole situation. They should have asked or check the form if there are any disabilities listed in the specific box, it takes a couple of seconds to look over that box.
    The holiday idea was great, so he could feel more comfortable.

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