Project 366 2016 Weeks 9 – 11 Days 59-79

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

Day 59

We visited Thorndon Country Park to show Little E the Gruffalo, we took Ethan there at around the same age. We hope to visit again when it is warmer as it was quite a cold afternoon.


Day 60

Little E’s new cup arrived today.


Day 61

I may be a little excited that we can now buy the pink version of the kinder Easter Egg.

Kinder Easter Egg's

Day 62

Don’t be fooled Little E did actually want to wear this hat!


Day 63

Little E wanted one of Ethan’s Muller Rice desserts.


Day 64

Ethan brought this lovely Mother’s Day gift home from school for me.

Hand Made Mothers Day Gift

Day 65

I love this photo I took of Little E, she is wearing the Easter Bonnet that her nanny got for her.


Day 66

A Mother’s Day that didn’t go to plan as Darren was really ill all weekend. These two were very good today and even played a made up game together.


Day 67

Second trip to the doctors for Darren and he comes home with a pile of tablets. It turns out he now has a chest infection.


Day 68

There was a helicopter flying over our house today, we pointed it out to Little E.


Day 69

Ethan discovered Little E’s Easter Bonnet today.


Day 70

Little E has shown an interest in Minnie Mouse. We got them a Minnie and Mickey Mouse as part of their Easter treats.


Day 71

It was my dad’s turn to spend some time in hospital this week. Thankfully he was able to come home today.


Day 72

I might have got a little obsessed with a Finding Nemo game on my phone today!


Day 73

Little E have been starting to play with her toys differently over the past few days. She will now sit and play with her princess castle for a while each day.


Day 74

The sun came out today so we took Little E to the play park this afternoon.


Day 75

Both children were in meltdown mode this afternoon, we went to Pizza Hut to get them out and break the cycle.


Day 76

We finally had the chance to take our siblings photos for the month.


Day 77

I made cakes with Ethan so that he could take them into school for Sports Relief.


Day 78

Little E has been enjoying playing with some of Ethan’s old toys.


Day 79

My computer had a moment today, I was worried it was a virus but thankfully it wasn’t. Hopefully I have now sorted out the problem.

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  1. I really want to do a Gruffalo trail they look great. Love the look of those giant Kinder eggs, I’m coming to yours for Easter!

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