Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit

Unconsciously my nan must have had a big influence on my childhood. I couldn’t tell you how often we saw her, if it was a weekly thing, but I know she was around. I know she looked after me sometimes during the school holidays and that she went away with us. We also used to play bingo together at her club. Thinking about this now I would have been totally underage if there are laws on playing bingo but I’m not sure how this would have been in-forced in the local community hall. Being a child of the 80’s I’m sure my childhood was a lot more relaxed than those of today.

Sadly my nan never got to see me have children but as my children grow there are often instances where I reference her and the things I remember about her. A moment like this occurred when my children found some rabbit masks and decided to start singing ‘Sleeping Bunnies’.

Run-rabbit2 Run-rabbit1

Ethan has begun to vocalise songs a lot more recently and he tried to sing to me another song about a rabbit. I had no idea what he was trying to sing so I turned it into ‘Run Rabbit’, one of the many songs that my nan used to sing. This resulted in me looking for the song on you tube. You have got to love you tube someone had uploaded old video of this song. It helped me fill in the blanks of the words I couldn’t remember and Ethan spent the next few days singing the song that reminded me of my nan. Those few days were filled with lots of jumping, bouncing, noise and many smiles.

I wonder what memories my children will take forward with them from the moments they share with their grandparents now.

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5 thoughts on “Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We are still singing it here, I’m glad it’s something that has been passed down and hopefully they will remember x

  1. I love passing down memories like this to my children. I sing the Carpenters without even thinking about it because my Mum used to sing those songs all the time when I was growing up. I’m so glad we have so many old things on youTube! x

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