Saturday Siblings

When your newborn baby arrives it isn’t long before you start the smile watching. When will they start to smile and who will be the one who makes this milestone happen. In Little E’s cause there was one person that could make her smile…


…her big brother!

No matter how hard we tried, and believe me we tried, Little E would only smile for Ethan. Lets not even mention laughing at this also followed that trend.


For months Ethan was the one that could make Little E smile or laugh just by looking at her or being near her. We on the other hand got nothing!

A sure sign that their sibling bond was going to be strong from the start. I’m pleased to say that Little E now smiles, giggles and laughs at all of her family members. She does this for some more that others, Ethan of course, but we can live with that.

Saturday Siblings

2 thoughts on “Saturday Siblings”

  1. Oh my goodness! Reading this has made my day! i have the same thing going on with Edie and Reuben, though she wasn’t quite as exclusive and would smile for the rest of us (occasionally), Reuben never failed to get a smile, laugh or giggle from her. She would walk to him, crawl to him and now she drags him to the slide in our garden to take her down… and he does, even if it means leaving his cars or trains to do it, purely because he is wrapped around her little finger and their love is so strong. Bit teary eyed at this one ha! Thanks for joining in with us at #saturdaysiblings xx

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