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A Scooter Walk

We wanted to visit the zoo this week but the weather stopped our plans. So yesterday we decided to take the scooter out for another outing.


Ethan is starting to gain more confidence on the scooter but unfortunately his balance and coordination can’t quite keep up. It felt like we had to control him more on our walk this time. Thankfully his backpack helped us out. He did fall over quite a few times but thankfully there were no injuries.

ScooterWalk2 ScooterWalk3

We kept to the flattest part of the park and walked past the mill so that Ethan could watch the water. The river was really high because of all the rain on Thursday.

ScooterWalk4 ScooterWalk21

We didn’t stay out to long as the weather started to turn again. It was good to get some fresh air after being kept in because of the rain, Little E even got to take her new coat for a spin.

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