Our Siblings During August 2018

This month I felt sorry for our siblings. It has been the summer holidays but I felt we have been stuck in for most of it. This is a combination of me working at home and the fact that Darren wasn’t able to book any holidays during the school holidays this year. It is also because I am unable to get out of the house on my own with both children. I think this will be something I have to get used to living with for a few more years yet.

Ethan also had respite days to go to. For the first four weeks of the holiday he was at respite for at least three days of the week. I do feel guilty about this but Ethan needs his routine. Little E has thought that Ethan has been going for treats during this time. Hopefully as she gets older she will understand our need to use this service.

This doesn’t mean we haven’t been on any adventures. We have made sure we have had something to do on the Sundays. We were very lucky to be invited into London twice at the beginning of August for blog reviews. The first was a visit to Sherk’s Adventure which resulted in us also visiting the Sea Life Aquarium. It was lovely to spend the day at the South Bank. We also got to visit the Tower of London. A place I have wanted to visit for many years.

siblings august 2018 tower of londonsiblings august 2018 tower of london beefeater

Our Tower of London visit also gave us the chance to visit the Lego Store and eat at Bubba Gumps. Both of these have been things on our bucket list.

siblings august 2018 legostore london red telephone boxsiblings august 2018 legostore london tube carriage

To help me entertain Ethan his TA has also been visiting us other the holidays. We all did get the chance to visit soft play during one of the visits.

I was brave on one Friday afternoon and took both children out on their bikes. Being super proud of myself we also ventured to McDonald’s. It was there that I remembered why one adult and two children going out just doesn’t work for our family.
siblings august 2018 bike ride

After the battle ground that this year has been at times I’m glad to say the summer holidays have been nice and calm. It has made such a difference for all the family. I’m keeping everything crossed that Ethan’s good moods continues into his new school year.

September brings with it a new start for Little E at her new school. It will be a challenging time for all of us as we get used to the new routine. Both of my siblings will be in school, I just hope my little lady doesn’t grow up too quickly.

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