Siblings February 2019

Our Siblings During February 2019

I’m very late writing my post for our siblings in February as we are now well and truly into March. Like normal our February was full of illness. This year Little E was hit the worst. She picked up Darren’s viral infection and over the course of three weeks she had five days of off school. This meant I only captured this photo of our siblings together on a foggy school run. I did get the chance to make up for the lack on photos on their half-term holiday.

Siblings February 2019

Considering the majority of February was spent fighting illness we did really have a great half-term together. Darren had the time off too. It has been exactly a year that he has been able to take any time off during the school holidays. We had lots of fun at Diggerland Kent where we got to experience lots of new things too.

siblings feb 19 diggerland kent

We also visited Shrek’s Adventure in London again. Ethan loves visiting London and I’m glad it is something we have started to do with the children. Visiting London was always a highlight for me as a child.

siblings feb 19 shreks adventure gloria the hippopotamus

There has been a noticeable change with our siblings relationship recently. Without knowing it Little E is starting to care for her brother. When people discovered we were having a little girl there were comments said about how you will have someone to care for your son. This was never our intention but she is naturally starting to look out for him.

It does depend on what mood Little E is in but she will get food for her brother. Get his shoes even answer questions for him at times. She has even started to show him how to play her favourite cat game on the iPad. Teaching him new skills as she does this. This does show us how strong their bond is at the moment and whenever she helps him it always makes me smile.

The flip side of this is that Ethan is also helping his sister in his own way. Little E is struggling a bit with learning to read. Ethan’s level is just above her and he has been helping her with sounding out her phonics.

March will bring the normal school routine. We are looking forward to April when we will have more family time together.

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