ethan little e sitting pink cat car

Our Siblings During March 2017

I can’t believe how fast this year is going, we have been so busy I just can’t keep up! It is now April but I haven’t written my sibling’s post for March 2017 yet. Whilst I have five minutes I thought I would.

February was a very busy time for me. I was able to take photos of our children on their own. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture any moments of them together. Ethan had an insert day at school and we took the children to a soft play. Whilst we were there Darren managed to capture this photo of our siblings together.

ethan little e sitting pink cat car

In March 2017 our sibling’s bond still continues to grow stronger every day. There have been moments this month where Ethan has been able to communicate with his sister in his very Ethan way. He tried to ask her about her school (nursery) and she understood what he meant and answered him. Ethan’s speech and communication are still very limited, as is Little E’s being two. For that very short moment in time, I witnessed a conversation between them.

Discipline is something we are struggling with at the moment. Ethan can do things that as an outsider looking in would come across as him being naughty. It’s not, it’s just Ethan being Ethan but we don’t really want his sister following his lead. Couple that with the terrible twos and Ethan getting very distressed when we have to discipline Little E, it makes for an interesting time. We really do have to pick our battles.

The best thing about this month is that our siblings got to experience a cinema trip together for the very first time. Because of Little E’s age, there are times when we have to leave her at home with her grandparents. Knowing that she is getting older means we can experience more things with both children as they will both be able to enjoy it. It’s great to see them experiencing things together.

So with new challenges also come fantastic experiences for our siblings. I’m so glad we became a family of four.

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