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Our Siblings During May 2016

I’m very late posting my monthly sibling’s photos for May 2016. It’s not because of the fact that I didn’t take my sibling’s photos on time. Life just got in the way!

I actually took my sibling’s photos on the 15th. We had treated Ethan to a bubble machine out of his birthday money. We set it up in the garden for them whilst we got ready for our break at Center Parcs. It was very hard capturing photos of them together whilst they raced around the garden having fun. I only really captured this moment.

ethan little e garden looking up sky

It was actually on our break a few days later that I captured this moment of them together. Little E gained confidence in the play park and joined Ethan on the climbing frames.

ethan little e center parcs playground

So why has it taken me an extra week to write my post? Illness again I’m afraid, we were struck with sickness again!

Apart from that slight blip I really feel our siblings have had a lovely month together. It feels like they have both grown so much during May 2016. Both in their own right and in their sibling relationship.

Ethan turned six this month and we celebrated his birthday at the beach. He was in his element and we saw a change in how he played on the beach with his sister. He has moved on from throwing stones into the sea.

I think Little E loved the extra time with her brother. She is copying him more and more. Most new words we hear from her are when she copies him. She really enjoyed spending time in the swimming pool with him. The difference a year has made in her development really stood out whilst we were away.

I think this summer will be so much easier than last year. Little E had only just started walking then and now she is racing around with Ethan. You can see every day they are learning to play together and learning so much from each other. She really has been a great gift for him. Her arrival brought on his speech in more ways than we could ever hope for. She in return learns from him. At times she can be a little feisty but I really hope she keeps that side of her personality as it really compliments him.

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