Siblings November 2015

Halfway through the month already! That means it’s time to take part in siblings and here is this months sofa shot.


I love that, when Ethan is in the mood, he will now smile for you to take a photo. You do have to be quick though because after the pose Ethan is quickly at my side wanting to see the photo on the camera.

These photos are taken so quickly, I think Little E’s expression captures the moment very well!

This month there really has been a change in dynamic with these two as Little E can now join her brother on the sofa when she wants. This means she can steal the iPad from him, or climb all over him, basically get on his nerves. Ethan has handled this very well, he does complain quite loudly but he doesn’t lash out.

This also means that Ethan is having to learn how to share his iPad as Little E is always interested in what is on the screen. She can get very loud if he doesn’t want to share!

We have spotted some great moments of tenderness from them this month. One morning Ethan declared ‘cuddle’ and then proceeded to throw his arms around his sister. Little E, who will happily kiss her toys but not us, randomly planted a kiss on Ethan’s cheek.

With the half term this month they got to spend a whole week in each others company, which was easier than the summer holidays. Those first weeks were a bit of a battle ground as they both adjusted to each others company again. We enjoyed Halloween activities together and an overnight stay at Legoland Windsor.

Little E was also a great help when Ethan had to visit the doctor. She helped show him what he needed to do and it was one of the most positive experiences we have ever had in a doctor’s office.

My siblings really do make me proud.

dear beautiful


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