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Our Siblings During October 2016

Life has been so manic during October 2016. I haven’t had time to think about where we were going to take our sibling’s photos this month. Thankfully Little E decided that she would give us the perfect opportunity to capture our October 2016 sibling’s photos. She decided that she would show her brother just how much he means to her. I managed to capture a few of these moments. Here is a selection of the moments that completely melted my heart.

little e kissing ethans head
little e giving ethan head cuddle
little e holding ethans hand cheek
little e resting cheek ethans head October 2016
little e cuddling ethans head October 2016

It’s moments like this that reinforce our feelings. We really did give Ethan the best gift ever when he became a big brother. It’s also moments like this where we can also see Ethan’s autism. It’s funny how he lets Little E fully embrace him but will only respond in his Ethan way. To us, their bond is so clear in these photos and it is clear that Little E adores her big brother. I know that through the years their sibling relationship will be tested and strained at times. All I can hope is through all the ups and downs they still adore each other.

This month we took our siblings to visit the local pumpkin patch. This gave us the chance to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. The children loved searching the fields to find their favourite pumpkin. This took quite some time! We also took the children to Jimmy’s Farm. We didn’t spend that much time visiting the animals but the children had lots of fun exploring the grounds. They have a few walks there and a great playground. It was also nice to experience their Halloween activities.

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