Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Small Steps Amazing Achievements is a weekly linky run by me, Jane at Our Little Escapades and Jeannette at Autism Mumma.

What is Small Steps Amazing Achievements?

Small Steps Amazing Achievements

The idea for this linky came about after I started the diagnosis process with Ethan. Being a special needs parent you learn that milestones don’t quite happen like all the books tell you. Your child misses milestone after milestone and you slowly come to terms with the fact that your child will be walking a different developmental path.

For children with special needs their milestones can take months or even years to achieve.

All milestones, no matter how big or small, should be shared and celebrated.

This linky is open to all and the rules are simple. Any milestone your child has achieved, no matter what their ability or age, come and share it here so we can celebrate together. From the massive milestones, first steps, to a milestone that you might think isn’t that important to others but is to you, I finally got a full nights sleep! We want to read about and celebrate them with you.

Posts can be old or new and don’t forget to share the linky love and comment on posts that spark your interest.

The linky runs every week and opens on a Monday, closing on the Friday evening.

So please grab the badge and come and join us, we can’t wait to see what your children have achieved.

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